Published February 28th 2019

Search and Social: A Powerful Vizia Integration

This blog introduces our latest Vizia integration which integrates social intelligence and search, the number one traffic source, for the first time. The huge wealth of data and insights available in Pi Datametrics' platform is now available within Vizia.

Have you ever stopped to think about how many millions of online searches there are every day? Millions of people with millions of questions, and they all want answers. It doesn’t stop there either. Will they be satisfied with these answers or are they part of a bigger exploration?

As humans we’re eternally curious, and between us we share an incredible wealth of knowledge. What’s more, it’s lucky for us that this collective knowledge is eternalized within the database of one the world’s biggest behemoths – Google.

You can find out almost anything you want to know.

What is Brexit?
Do cows sleep standing up?
Is the earth flat?
Can dogs look up?

Go on, I dare you.

The point I’m trying to make is that our quest for answers is unwavering and quite often that quest involves a brand, or multiple brands, and that’s when we, as marketers, need to pay attention.

Search and SEO has never been seen as the coolest of marketing family, which is a pity given the huge power that it wields. Over the past few years this has been changing, finally giving search the respect it deserves within the organization. It has company-wide reach and deserves a seat at the strategic table.

Today we’re announcing an entirely new integration with our partners, Pi Datametrics, for our data visualization product that will allow our customers to visualize search intelligence alongside their other key marketing data sources.

Allow me tell you why you should care:

These are powerful data sources

Did you know that there’s 3.5 billion Google searches every day? In the meantime, 3.1 billion people globally are using social media. That’s a lot of data. What’s more, 60% of traffic comes from organic search.

It’s obvious that if you want your website to succeed, you need to know how you’re performing on organic search. You need to know where you rank and and what position you’re in in relation to your competitors. I don’t mean to alarm you, but it’s imperative. The ability to identify trends and opportunities before anyone else will leave you in a far greater position (excuse the pun).

On the other hand, you have social media – the largest searchable archive of human thought. A resources that gives deep, rich and broad insights on your customers, audience and brand. Get a better understanding of what people want, where the intent lies and use that to craft an offering that’s supported by data. Understand the perceptions around your brand to hone your messaging and positioning. Identify new knowns in the unknown.

Bringing these data sources together opens a world of opportunity for your brand and team.

They will give you a whole new perspective

As humans we’re definitely not one-dimensional. We’re multi-faceted and depending on the situation and circumstance, our brains work in very different ways. One very basic example is how we behave at work compared to the bar at 8pm on Friday night. The same can be said for search and social.

On social media we’re emotive. We lead with our hearts. We scream and shout, get into hearted debates, spill our souls, give advice, love and laugh. The list goes on. Now spin this around to Google search where we most often lead with our heads. It’s analytical and focused. We have questions that we want the answer to and while we may go on a tangent, mostly it’s directed and to the point.

On the other hand, on social there’s nowhere to hide. It is designed to be a public forum so we are always acting under a certain degree of scrutiny. The opposite can be said for Google, where we have the full privacy of a search box.

Combining these data sets provides a contextually rich snapshot of your customers and market, giving another layer of practical insight.

Add another piece to the customer journey

We all know how important the customer journey is, but also how complex it is. As brands all we want to do is to map the first point of contact all the way through to purchase but this is so much easier said than done. With so many touch points, channel, platforms, and devices, getting a clear picture of your customer journey is a monumental task.

But, it’s not all doom and gloom. While you may never be able to get a crystal clear picture, the more key points of this journey that you have, the better. This is why search intelligence is such a key integration. It gives you an integral piece of the customer journey. Just think about the last time you bought something online and didn’t use Google. Yeah, exactly.

Business objective

Search data is not confined to the marketing team, it is a company-wide objective. If your website slips from the first page of Google to the second, all levels of the organization will know. This will almost certainly have a significant impact on site visits and secondary impact on conversions and sales.

Accurate attribution is the top priority for most digital marketers, and Vizia gives you real-time insights into the all-important relationship between search and social.

– Jay Bayer, Founder – Convince & Convert

The insights that can be gleaned from this type of data should be made visible across the entire organization. It will lead to smarter more aligned decision-making in everything from brand health to the customer experience.

This is one of many integrations in the Vizia ecosystem, which gives marketers a single view of the customer and a high-level, connected overview of their marketing performance. All leading to smarter decisions and marketing.


How can I get access?

All Vizia customer have access to this integration, for free. All you have to do is log in and choose Pi Datametrics from the options in the component picker.

Why don’t you test it out yourself. Sign up for below.

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