Published March 5th 2019

Why Are You Still Wasting Time on Manual Reporting?

It's time to eliminate tedious and time-consuming tasks to make room for the work that really counts.

Are you sick of reporting?

  • Could it be more efficient?
  • Could it take less time?
  • Could it be more fulfilling?

If yes is the answer to any of these questions, then we have good news for you.

Today we are launching an entirely new way to deliver data insights. It will allow you to save time, be more productive, and drive your team’s performance.

It might sound too good to be true, so let me explain a bit more.

The way we currently do reporting is fundamentally broken. You may have never considered this, but we have – admittedly quite a bit.

Think about it:

  1. You gather the data.
  2. You export it from the various platforms (quite often this can be 3+ different martech tools).
  3. You visualize the data through different charting options.
  4. You pull it all together into a report/PDF/Powerpoint/Excel.
  5. You upload/format it.
  6. You share it.
  7. Then what?

Then this is repeated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, with little or no visibility on whether it’s actually useful for or even read by those you share it with.

Firstly, this is a unnecessarily time-consuming process that involves multiple unautomated and unintegrated steps.

Secondly, what happens when you send this information?

Why is it that you can measure the results of a campaign or project but you can’t measure the reach of your own work? Why can’t you see who is viewing your reports and why can’t you understand the preferences of the people that are consuming your insights?

Marketing reporting, reimagined.

Reporting sucks but it has to be done. We know we can’t replace it but we believe we can make it a lot better. We want to help you change your relationship with this mundane and tedious task in a way that makes it a joy for both you and the report consumer.

So, what does it look like?

1. Integrate.

Allowing our users to connect their key social, marketing, and customer data sources effortlessly.

Integrations including Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Facebook Ads, and Pi Datametrics give a complete view of your customer and marketing data, making it easier to spot opportunities and identify threats.

Automating these data sources into a single perspective eliminates the need to export data from multiple sources at cadence, ultimately saving time.

2. Build.

Enabling users to create beautiful and insightful data visualizations.

We truly believe that the easier the data is to understand, the more actionable it becomes. This becomes really important when embedding data within the organization.

With a wide range of data visualization components, we are giving our users the tools they need to create impactful yet accessible data reports.

3. Share.

Seamlessly and simply distribute information directly to the desired recipients’ inboxes.

Input email address and hit send. Not fluff, no faff, add a message if needed. Do these people need a password to access the report? Of course not!

We want to make it as straightforward as possible to consume this information. On the bus on your phone, during a meeting on your laptop or with your tablet on your couch. Whatever your preference for consuming data insights, we’ll be there for you.

4. Measure.

This is the exciting bit.

No longer will you send your reports and insights into the ether wondering if they’ve been viewed, wondering if they’ve had the impact you intended, or wondering if anyone has even opened them.

We’re giving our users visibility on their reporting analytics. Deck level metrics show how many times they’ve been opened, even down to an individual level. Slide metrics show you exactly what content has been most viewed, allowing you to make crucial decisions about the content you’re sharing.

This sounds cool, but how can it help me?

1. Save time and be more productive.

Save crucial time by automating data from your key sources and then streamline the distribution of this information. Create stronger bonds between teams and departments by allowing for on-demand and more accessible data. Understand exactly what content is landing and what’s not so you can iterate and focus solely on the work that’s delivering value.

2. Drive data culture.

Use integrated data to maintain a complete and constant customer view. Enable greater decision-making by making this data available across the organization and ensure it’s easy to understand and actionable with expertly-designed visualizations.

“The ability to quickly share out our dashboards across a number of different teams and departments has helped us build stronger relationships with our internal stakeholders”
– Bianca Sauceda, Media Intelligence Analyst – Uber

3. Improve marketing performance.

Eliminate the blockages and unfulfilling tasks that congest your team’s week. The less time spent on reporting, the more time is available for innovating and optimizing work.

4. Complete the reporting workflow.

Slide-level metrics help you understand the specific content that is landing well, and the stuff that’s not. Bring efficiency to the way you report by doubling down on the valuable insights. Use the insights gleaned from deck and slide metrics to optimize the entire reporting workflow. Ensure you’re delivering the right information to the right people, all of the time.

“This has taken Vizia’s visual intelligence to an entirely new and innovative level with the new reporting capability – it literally brings reporting to life. Aside from reporting it has simplified the process of sharing the content by eliminating the need for setting up additional accounts.”
– Lisa Grimes, Chief Listening Officer – Dell

Time is too precious and the world is moving too quickly for us to continue to spend time on manual, tedious, and unfulfilling tasks. is built to help our customers dedicate more time to the work that really counts.

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